Ace Tracking in Blackjack

Ace tracking system is used in blackjack to understand the total understanding of the cards left in the shoe. Ideally, Ace tracking helps to increase the player’s chances of making more winnings at blackjack but in order to do that you should strictly follow the strategy. Ace tracking in blackjack is legal though you should remember that it is better now to show that you are tracking some cards. Even though it is absolutely legal, casinos of course want their players not to apply it because it ends up reducing their edge and giving player extra possibilities to win.

Cheating with Aces

Ace tracking shouldn’t be confused with cheats who usually bend aces in double deck or single deck game and will then use the bends to cut the cards. If you do this, you will simply be thrown out of the casino and you might also get arrested for it. You should avoid such rude methods of scam, as in blackjack there are lots of ways to increase your chances to win without cheating.

Basic of Ace Tracking

The success of ace trackers depends on their ability of memorizing the cards picked up by a dealer of the blackjack game around aces. This is pretty simple in both the single and double deck games. In case the single ace in blackjack is on layout, advance knowledge of the next shuffle in the game is quite limited. On the other hand, where the same hand has two aces, you will be able to exactly note where they are and this will give you a desirable edge in the game.

Depending on the ability of the dealer to shuffle the cards, you might end up finding that the same cards which you had memorized will be hitting the blackjack table during the next round. This means that you will be getting both Aces and will be on each of the two cards you are having while the other second card will be having a value of 10 each. Unfortunately, it happens that the dealer will get one of the two aces and this means that he may have a blackjack, and you may also count upon this situation.

Ace tracking and shuffle tracking in blackjack works pretty good with inexperienced, new dealers. Dealers who are well trained and more experience usually shuffle the cards pretty well and will employ a strip and a rifle of deck which minimizes your chances of taking advantage of the tracker. To survive successfully in blackjack, ace tracking is not enough on its own as you will need to practice and have luck on your side.