Dealers Choice in Poker

Dealers Choice is among the most popular games found in the home for poker games. Today this game is played for money, but initially it was played for having fun only. The essence of the game is to play a different poker variant on each deal. In this article, we are going to cover the entire specifications of Dealers Choice in Poker.


This game works best with number of players between five and seven. However, the ideal number of players for Dealers Choice in Poker is six players. You can involve more players but note that the number of playable variants will be restricted. Alternatively, fewer players make the variants to become boring because of frequent repetition over the same variants already played.


The standard game is packed with 52 cards without Jokers. Just as it is in any other poker game, it is convenient to have two different packs with varying back colors so that as you are shuffling one set ready to play, the other one is being dealt. This is essential in poker games because it reduces time of waiting between deals. Before the game starts however, the people playing agree upon the betting limit. In most cases, each player is supposed to purchase the minimum number of chips agreed upon based on betting.

Sometimes while playing this game, players decide to use cash but this has proved to be an inconvenient way to play the dealers choice in poker game. If this is your way however, the entire amount collected is brought to the table before the game starts.

The Deal

The first dealer is determined in a random manner. When this happens however, the dealer is responsible of announcing which poker variant will be played first. In most cases, the dealer will also explain in details key requirements of playing the game chosen and constituting of the pot. Most of the players usually know rules of all poker variations, though it should be done to avoid any of misunderstandings. It is important as games can include slight modifications.

For a smooth running of this game, players usually decide in advance what variant they would like to play next. In this way, when a player’s time is due for him to call out which variant he would like the group to play, he does so without hesitation. Thus, the game continues without any unnecessary stops.

Problem Solving

In case there is any matter arising because of ambiguities in the set rules or committed mistakes in the sequence of play, the dealer assumes the responsibility to solve the problem in a manner that is fair to the entire group of players.

Dealer Choices

There is unlimited number of games on Dealers Choice in Poker to choose from. These can be found on any poker variants page online. Of these games however, it seems that Stud Poker is the most played as well as other Draw and Shared Cards Games.