Freezeout Tournament

Freezeout poker tournament is the kind of elimination tournament in which the player will be given a starting stack of chips. The elimination criterion is very simple, keep losing your chips and once you lose the last one, you are dropped from the game. You have lost. This is nothing like any of the tournaments where re-buying of chips is allowed. However, you can add more chips, you have to pay for them of course, if you still have chips remaining from your original stack.

Just like many other poker tournaments, it can take just two players playing on one table in what is called a heads up tourney or it could be many players, running into thousands playing hands at many tables. The winner is the player who wins all the poker chips in the game while the others are awarded positions depending on the when they were eliminated from the game.

To enter the tournament, the player must pay the buy-in, which is fixed, and as the game starts, he/she will get a specific number of chips for the tournament. Some commercial venues that host these plays could also charge players an additional fee or keep a part of the cost of buying in. This is made to help them in facilitating the event. The chips have a notional value and therefore you cannot use cash during the tournament.

Main Aspects of Freezeout Tournament

The tournament has three characteristics. One is that the chips are bought at the beginning of the game; once it starts the chips are never re-bought. Secondly, the play should continue until one player has all of the chips. Lastly, and the most interesting characteristic is that tables may sometimes be “broken.” In other tournaments such as the shootout tournament, as players are eliminated from the play, the number of tables remains the same but the players keep dropping from each table as they are eliminated. However, it is different with freeze out tournament, as the participants are eliminated from gameplay, the floormen will stop playing at tables with few players and then the remaining ones are sent to take the vacant seats at other tables. Hence, the number of players does not fluctuate; it remains the same throughout with only the tables dropping.

Players that participate in the Freezeout constitute a dynamic pool. This is made to imply that whenever a player loses all his or her chips and gets eliminated, the table shrinks. Hence, to manage the constant shrinking of tables and to avoid having the tables play with varying numbers of players, they are moved between tables. In addition, the unnecessary tables are closed as the tournament progresses. In the end, all the remaining players are seated on a single table, which is known as the “final table.”

The prizes that are awarded to the winners will be arrived at from the buy-ins made by every player. However, external funds can also be used. The ranking of players is done in chronological order where the person in the last position will earn the first position. This is done so that any chance of a tie occurring is eliminated. Sometimes the game ends by mutual consensus when only two players remain and they decide to split the pot.