All About Jackpots

What is the most desired winning in gambling? Jackpot! Jackpot is usually a rather big sum of money which can be permanent, or it may change with the bets made by players. Game which offer the first type of jackpot are known as non-progressive games, and games which offer the second type – progressives.

Non Progressive Jackpot

This type of prize is offered at many slot machines and some of poker games. The changes to win it are quite high (especially comparing to progressive pot), but the amount of the jackpot is usually about several thousands of dollars. Playing games with such a pot you should not be aimed at hitting it, as this is a matter of chances completely.

Non progressive pots usually have better chances of winning, as the odds are applied to one machine only and are not divided among all the machines in the casino. That means, that is the machine has 8% of winning chances to hit a jackpot, you have all of them.

Non progressive jackpots are usually met in slot machines, scratch games, lotteries. Most of other games do not offer jackpot as a prize for winning.

Progressive Jackpot

This winning prize can be offered in each of casino games, starting from slot machines, and up to blackjack and roulette. The sum of progressive pot is usually huge, as it rises with each bet made by any players who prefers the game of this type. Some casinos offer one and the same progressive jackpot for all the game. In this case the amount of it rises to several millions of dollars, but the chances to win are very tiny.

Progressive jackpots can also be of several types. The matter is that progressive jackpot is compelled with the basic sum of money to which some % of each player’s bet are added. The more tables, machines, or simply games share this basic sum of money and give some of the bets parts into the pool, the higher pot is. In some casinos all games share one and the same progressive pot, while in other games there are several progressive jackpots, some for slot machines, other for table jackpots, for example.

Though jackpot is the most attractive prize in all casino games, you should not play just for hitting it. Struggling to hit this money you can lose more, and the truth is that sometimes you can win more if you play with game bets only.