All About Video Slots

What do you expect from gambling? Fun, excitement, new friends, huge winnings? All of them is totally available with slot machine gambling, as this game has been created to bring everything a player may ever dream of. Just see at the faces of all those players, who sit at the electronic casino machine making seemingly monotonous moves. They do not seem to be bored, they are full of expectations, which come with each bet they make.

Slot machines are really games which are available for everyone – be he deaf, blind, or numb. No complicated rules are applied, no secret winning strategies exist, all you need to know is how to insert a coin and push the button.

Why Slots?

Slot machines are known for their huge winnings, as due to these games progressives jackpots are usually hit. In online and traditional casinos players choose machines which can pay them really huge money, and their choice is quite obvious – why should we play games which pay less if we can enjoy even more interesting games which can bring several millions of dollars?

Besides, slot machines is the only casino game where you can choose the theme of the game by yourself. Anything you ever wanted is right there !

Slots – Brief History Overview

Today slot machines is the most popular game in the casino. But it is one of the newest ones, as it appeared just a little bit more than a century ago. The first machine ever appeared was the Liberty Bell slot machine, as it has suits of cards as it symbols, and was called a poker machine. In Australia you still can hear this variant of calling slots, though a little bit changed – pokies.

Liberty Bell became popular in a very quick time, but them it did not promise those high payouts to which we’ve got used now. Just a couple of beers and some food – that was a jackpot. But with the running of time, and popularity gained by this game, the payouts started to change, and when the next slot machine appeared (Big Bertha), people have already played at slot machine for money.

Today you will find thousands of slot machines which differ in types and payouts. It is great as you can always find something to your taste!